Thursday, September 18, 2014

marks spm trial students

dear my beloved students(5ft n 5ih)   below are marks for your paper 1. i have given you your paper 2 exams..please add up. Thanks!...

5 Fathonah: paper 1(essay/85)

1. Ashraf   78
2. Idlan 77
3. Najihah 73
4. Zulaikha 60
5. Nurin 79
6.FaizNjmi 66
7.Tumi 73
8. khdjah 67
9. hzirah 69
10.siti njwa 67
11. syakir 75
12.nurafiqah 68
13.aqilah 73
14.aina fsihah 72
15. ainul shmna 72
16. wan aqilah 77
17. maziah 66
18. nurhidayah 68
19. hannan 67
20. raihan 66
21.raidah 74
22.anisa aisyah 75
23.nabil 71
24. munirah 71
25. azim 61

Sunday, July 17, 2011


 Salam to all my beloved students, here are several phrases and words related to scenarios and/or expressions.This interesting list helps you in attracting the audience in your writing. Good Luck. Please transform the passive vocabulary to active vocabulary ; use them!! **I HAVE PLENTY OF THEM,IT'S JUST THE TIME CONSTRAINT**


1. She felt her world going to pieces.
2. The bad news of her father's death in accident choked her.
3. They were consumed by bitterness and anguish at the lost of their only son.
4. On hearing the news, he sank into the couch.
5. He went the weak at the knees on hearing the news.
6. They stood motionless as they were still in a state of shock before the aliens.
7. The pain in my heart was excruciating
8. Shock struck me like a thunderbolt
9. Tears welled in my eyes once again, as the radio blasted "Yesterday Once More' song.
10. My heart felt like it was caving in because my sorrow was too much to bear.
11. She had been very stoic throughout her three-year illness.

1. He cried his heart out
2. Her eyes billowed with tears, streaming slowly down her cheeks.
3. Tears started to roll down uncontrollably as I felt a great sense of loss.
4. My tears soaked the comforting pillow which I clutched for long.
5. Mixed with spots of sweat, a little droplets of clear crystal of liquid kept dripping down my cheeks.
6. I murmured softly to my kid's ears as tears welled up in my eyes.
7.She started shaking, while something running her cheeks, marking a clear trajectory of torrential tears.
8. The tears were leaving glistening trails mapping to the full extent of his sadness.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


  • Students need to be PERSONALLY INVOLVED 
    well-written introduction and conclusion, 3 paragraph of informal letter etc 
  • GENERAL LONG ESSAY- require ss to work in groups
1. Topic should be focused
2. No extranuous or loosely related information to the essay 
3. Less or no grammarical error, errorless structured sentences
4. Smooth transition with good organisational pattern e.g.
   A good organised essay should have intro, middle, conclusion with transition markers
5. Supporting ideas with details : giving example.
  Mention(M), Elaborate(E), Example(E)
6. Vivid language, mature word choices
7. Has convention of Standard English(puntuation,spelling, comma )
8. Variation in sentence structures .
   e.g. : Gerund etc.

Monday, February 21, 2011


There are three methods to brainstorm ideas: 
>>Create a List
>>Draw a Mind Map
>>Ask and Answer Wh-questions

Create a List
This method is simple and effective. All you need to do is to create a list of words and phrases related to the essay topic chosen.

Essay Topic: The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Internet
Email is cheaper
Explicit content
Skype – free online call
Internet messenger like ICQ, MSN messenger, Yahoo Messenger
Internet Hacking
Online Banking
... (The list goes on and on until you really run out of ideas)

Draw a Mind Map
You can choose from a variety of mind maps to draw. Then, you should write the points on the mind map. Do not waste your time drawing a complex mind map.

Using mind map, all your points are grouped together neatly for easy reference. Mind map is highly recommended for reflective essays and factual essays.
Ask and Answer Wh-questions
Ask yourself as much as possible Wh-questions related to the essay topic chosen. This writing method is suitable for descriptive essays, narrative essays and reports.

Sunday, October 17, 2010



1. To face the music (To take the punishment or scolding)
2. To live from hand to mouth (To live in hardship)
3. To sit on the fence (To take no sides in a debate or a quarrel)
4. To be in the same boat (To be in the same circumstances)
5. In hot water (In trouble)
6. Have green fingers (Good at gardening)
7. Burn the midnight oil (Study until late at night)
8. Once in a blue moon (Seldom)
9. At the eleventh hour (At the last minute)
10. Bear in mind (Remember)

DRILL 1: By using all of the 10 list of idioms above, try to come out with a short paragraph of a story. Be as creative as possible.

       Zayyid and Ziyyad were twin brothers. They came from poor family. Since their father had passed away, so they had to live with their step father. Their step father
had odd jobs and all of them lived from hand to mouth for a livelihood. Zayidi was their best friend and also was in same the boat. For Zaidi, since his father worked as a lorry driver, he saw his father once in a  blue moon only. Therefore, he joined both twins to search job for their petty cash during evening time. Zaiyidi, Zayyid and Ziyyad had geen fingers, hence, all of them spent their spare time after school doing some part time of gardening around the nearby mansion area.. However, his step mother was a fierce lady, if he was late to return home, he must be in a hot water. All of them were aware that  knowledge was important, so they sometimes had to burn the midnight oil due to studying at the eleventh hour. They always bear in  mind, that every difficulty would be an ease.

DRILL 2: Repeat the same for another 10 idioms, etc. until you get familiarize yourself with the idioms.
IMPLEMENTATION: Right away , use of not more than 4 idioms and not more than 4 phrasal verbs in your single essay.

Thank you!!
Feel free to enquire me:



a)  Read the situation given in a conversation or dialogue.
b)  Read the entire dialogue. Note the tone of the dialogue.
c)  Read the underlined phrases.
d)  Guess smartly the meaning from the context.
e)  Choose the most suitable answer from the options given.
Read the whole dialogue again. Check whether your substitutions make sense in the dialogue

1. To face the music (To take the punishment or scolding)
2. To live from hand to mouth (To live in hardship)
3. To sit on the fence (To take no sides in a debate or a quarrel)
4. To be in the same boat (To be in the same circumstances)
5. In hot water (In trouble)
6. Have green fingers (Good at gardening)
7. Burn the midnight oil (Study until late at night)
8. Once in a blue moon (Seldom)
9. At the eleventh hour (At the last minute)
10. Bear in mind (Remember)
11. Turn over a new leaf (Stop all bad habits)
12. To make a day of it (To spend the whole day)
13. Raining cats and dogs (Raining heavily)
14. Keep an eye (look after)
15. To make a clean breast (To admit)
16. Getting on my nerves (Making me annoyed/irritated)
17. Out of the blue (Unexpectedly)
18. Not my cup of tea (Not to my liking)
19. Eye catching (Attractive)
20. Around the corner (Coming soon)
21. By hook or by crook (By all means)
22. To keep one’s fingers crossed ( To hope for the best)
23. Keep your word (Keep your promise)
24. Where there’s a will, there’s a way (When you are determined, you will succeed)
25. Lend a hand (Help)
26. I am all ears ( I am listening)
27. A close shave ( A narrow escape)
28. Flying colours (Good grades)
29. To believe your ears (To believe what you hear)
30. Not kidding (Not joking)
31. Blow one’s trumpet (To Boast)
32. Down to earth (Humble/Honest)
33. Red handed (In the act)
34. In a twinkling of an eye (Very quickly)
35. Under the weather (Slightly ill)
36. Took to heart (Be upset by)
37. Bad blood (Feeling of strong dislike)


  1. practice makes perfect ( You have to practise a lot, well practice makes perfect!)
    1. they will be perfect without practising
    2. they have to practise very hard to win

  1. trounce them this time ( Our team need to trounce them this time,don’t give them a chance)
A. hit them this time       B. beat them this time

  1. work as a team ( Don’t worry, as long as we work as a team, we’re fine)
A. they should play individually     B. the players need to cooperate to win

  1. back by popular demand ( This type of shirt is back by popular demand.I’m thrilled.)
A. many people wanted the sale to be on   B.  popular people wanted the sale

  1. rock bottom price ( All the items are going at rock bottom prices)
A.   the prices are under budget    B. very low prices

  1. shop till I drop ( I’m so excited, I am going to shop till I drop)
A.  buy a lot of things   B. buy only the cheap items

  1. have a speedy recovery ( We hope that you’ll have a speedy recover on the ills.)
A.  get well soon     B.  recover slowly

  1. for the new term ( I’m feeling better and hope to be back for the new term)
       A.  a new year      B. a new semester

  1. really work at it ( I know I have to really work at it when I come back to school.)
 A.   work very hard    B. hardly do any work

  1. bright and beezy ( You’re looking bright and breezy. Are you happy?)
A.  cheerful    B.  moody

  1. over the moon  ( I am over the moon, because I did well in my PMR exam.)
   A.  very high   B. very happy

  1. paid off  ( You hard work has paid off then, thank God.)
 A. paid for you    B. disappointed you

  1. taking in  ( I feel good taking in the fresh air)
A.  breathing    B.   getting

  1. get back  ( They are supposed to get back to me tomorrow as to their progress)
A.  come       B. inform

  1. hand in  ( We have to hand in the project by the end of the month)
 A.  distribute     B. pass up

  1. just round the corner ( The examination is just round the corner, we have to study)
A. very soon   B. at the corner

  1. at the eleventh hour ( Don’t do your revision at the eleventh hour.)
    1. at eleven o’clock B. at midnight  C. at the last minute  D. at regular intervals

18 . pass with flying colours.
      ( We will pass with flying colours if we study hard and smart.)
   A.  fly with colours  B. receive good medals   C. get excellent results

  1. for ages
( Nice meeting you here. It’s been ages since we last met)

    1. short term  B.  a long time

   19 .  over the moon
         (You must have been over the moon once you get 10As, I tell you)
       A. very elated    B. very anxious     C. very annoyed

  1. came up
(My little brother came up with the idea of having a barbeque last night)
A.  suggested    B. happened

  1. made for each other.
  ( The bride and groom look beautiful because they are made for each other)
  A. steady pair    B. ideal pair

  1. set off
 ( We set off early in the morning after having a  picnic at P.D.)
A.  arrived    B. left

23    dead beat
(  We were dead beat after the exhausted journey and slept soundly under the night sky near our tents.)
A. extremely flat /tired   B.  over slumbered

  1. run down
(Madinah, why do you look so run down?)
A.  angry   B.  satisfied

  1. called off
      (Well, the trip to Pulau Langkawi is called off at the last minute and it took me three hours to pack all my belongings)
A. cancelled     B. postphoned

26.. put them away
( That’s too bad. I guess you have to put them away in the closet)
A. assemble them   B. keep them

  1. came across (As I was at the post office,  I came across an identity card near the stamp counter)
A.   saw      B. picked    C.   bought

  1. hand over
( Did you hand over the identity card to the postmaster?)
A.  give    B. send    C. sell

  1. in full cry ( Yes, the team has started practice in full cry before the final match.)

A.  in full time   B. in eager pursuit

  1. easy meat ( Winning the finals will be easy meat to our seasoned players since they had enough practice)

A.  easy to defeat    B. easy to be defeated    C. easy catch.

author: isadora