Sunday, October 17, 2010



a)  Read the situation given in a conversation or dialogue.
b)  Read the entire dialogue. Note the tone of the dialogue.
c)  Read the underlined phrases.
d)  Guess smartly the meaning from the context.
e)  Choose the most suitable answer from the options given.
Read the whole dialogue again. Check whether your substitutions make sense in the dialogue

1. To face the music (To take the punishment or scolding)
2. To live from hand to mouth (To live in hardship)
3. To sit on the fence (To take no sides in a debate or a quarrel)
4. To be in the same boat (To be in the same circumstances)
5. In hot water (In trouble)
6. Have green fingers (Good at gardening)
7. Burn the midnight oil (Study until late at night)
8. Once in a blue moon (Seldom)
9. At the eleventh hour (At the last minute)
10. Bear in mind (Remember)
11. Turn over a new leaf (Stop all bad habits)
12. To make a day of it (To spend the whole day)
13. Raining cats and dogs (Raining heavily)
14. Keep an eye (look after)
15. To make a clean breast (To admit)
16. Getting on my nerves (Making me annoyed/irritated)
17. Out of the blue (Unexpectedly)
18. Not my cup of tea (Not to my liking)
19. Eye catching (Attractive)
20. Around the corner (Coming soon)
21. By hook or by crook (By all means)
22. To keep one’s fingers crossed ( To hope for the best)
23. Keep your word (Keep your promise)
24. Where there’s a will, there’s a way (When you are determined, you will succeed)
25. Lend a hand (Help)
26. I am all ears ( I am listening)
27. A close shave ( A narrow escape)
28. Flying colours (Good grades)
29. To believe your ears (To believe what you hear)
30. Not kidding (Not joking)
31. Blow one’s trumpet (To Boast)
32. Down to earth (Humble/Honest)
33. Red handed (In the act)
34. In a twinkling of an eye (Very quickly)
35. Under the weather (Slightly ill)
36. Took to heart (Be upset by)
37. Bad blood (Feeling of strong dislike)

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