Sunday, July 17, 2011


 Salam to all my beloved students, here are several phrases and words related to scenarios and/or expressions.This interesting list helps you in attracting the audience in your writing. Good Luck. Please transform the passive vocabulary to active vocabulary ; use them!! **I HAVE PLENTY OF THEM,IT'S JUST THE TIME CONSTRAINT**


1. She felt her world going to pieces.
2. The bad news of her father's death in accident choked her.
3. They were consumed by bitterness and anguish at the lost of their only son.
4. On hearing the news, he sank into the couch.
5. He went the weak at the knees on hearing the news.
6. They stood motionless as they were still in a state of shock before the aliens.
7. The pain in my heart was excruciating
8. Shock struck me like a thunderbolt
9. Tears welled in my eyes once again, as the radio blasted "Yesterday Once More' song.
10. My heart felt like it was caving in because my sorrow was too much to bear.
11. She had been very stoic throughout her three-year illness.

1. He cried his heart out
2. Her eyes billowed with tears, streaming slowly down her cheeks.
3. Tears started to roll down uncontrollably as I felt a great sense of loss.
4. My tears soaked the comforting pillow which I clutched for long.
5. Mixed with spots of sweat, a little droplets of clear crystal of liquid kept dripping down my cheeks.
6. I murmured softly to my kid's ears as tears welled up in my eyes.
7.She started shaking, while something running her cheeks, marking a clear trajectory of torrential tears.
8. The tears were leaving glistening trails mapping to the full extent of his sadness.

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